About Errick Thomas

Errick has spent an entire career, primarily in the finance industry, with 15+ years focused in mortgages and banking. His career began as a mortgage originator providing residential mortgages for companies with familiar names like Merrill Lynch, American Express and USAA.

As experience and opportunity evolved, he gained access to the commercial mortgage space as a mortgage broker. At peak, Errick was working with 42 lenders to provide residential and commercial mortgages for customers nationwide. Looking for a change of pace, he transitioned into traditional banking accepting a role as a Private Client Banker with J.P. Morgan Chase. It was in this role that he was first exposed to the senior housing community. As a wealth advisor, he had clients on both sides of the equation. Some clients were investors in senior living facilities looking to divest ownership and prepare for retirement. Other clients were residents in senior facilities and needed to organize their assets to finance their stay.

In both cases, two things became apparent: 1) The senior community is extremely vulnerable to financial exploitation and fraud. 2) The process to acquire senior housing, whether as an investor or a resident, was far from transparent. Identifying the need, he began to search for reputable financial partners to help clients navigate this senior housing space. These efforts were the catalyst to lead him to get in touch with Haven Senior Investments, initially as a referral partner.

Errick graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Finance from Seton Hall and went on to get his Masters from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Errick Thomas

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