Senior Housing and Assisted Living Business Consulting

At Haven Senior Investments we transform complex business challenges into opportunities for growth. Our senior living consulting services are designed to drive success, helping you not only keep up with the evolving senior living marketplace but lead the way. Partner with HSI and embark on your journey toward excellence in the senior living sector today.

Addressing Your Challenges

Is your senior living organization facing these common challenges?

  • Support Gaps: Are there gaps in support from regional or corporate direct reports?
  • Staffing Turnover: Is high staff turnover overwhelming your operations?
  • Communication Issues: Is communication from upper management less effective than it needs to be?
  • Inflation Impact: Are inflation and low staff morale due to burnout affecting your operations?
  • Training Inefficiencies: Is your onboarding training failing to unlock the full potential of new hires?
  • Data Deficiency: Are you struggling to obtain fresh, measurable data to drive results and inform decision-making?
  • Adaptability Issues: Is your team finding it difficult to quickly adapt to the changing needs of your residents?
  • Time Mismanagement: Is time mismanagement leading to operational inefficiencies?

If you’re experiencing any of these challenges, Haven Senior Investments is here to help. Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to address these issues head-on, providing solutions that transform challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

Tailored Solutions for Your Success

Do you want to rejuvenate your leadership team culture, revolutionize your Business Intelligence approach, or reinvent your recruitment and retention strategies? HSI’s Senior Living People Strategy offers the transformation you need.

The senior housing industry is rapidly evolving, impacting all sectors—from Active Adult and Independent Living to Assisted Living and Memory Care environments. Staying ahead in this dynamic landscape requires swift adaptation to societal, environmental, and regulatory changes. Whether your goal is to design for the future, reposition an existing product, or maintain a competitive edge, these changes present fast-paced challenges. But with every challenge comes an opportunity, and that’s where we come in.

At HSI, we provide tailored solutions that address evolving challenges and turn them into tangible opportunities. We empower owners and operators to thrive amidst change, positioning your organization for sustained success in the senior housing industry. Join us on this journey of adaptation and growth, and let’s transform challenges into milestones of success together.

Our Comprehensive Development Consulting Services
Initial Development Services
  • Analysis of Design and Development Documents: We provide detailed reports from the perspective of licensing and compliance, ensuring project viability and smooth licensing processes.
  • Competitive Analysis: We offer comprehensive reviews of senior housing communities, including care, services, amenities, rent and care rates, occupancy, and physical plant conditions.
  • Development of Pre-Opening Marketing and Sales Programs: Our strong campaigns aim for 35-40% pre-leased units, ensuring financial expectations are met or exceeded.
Senior Housing and Assisted Living Market Reports

Our market reports cover:

  • Supply and demand trends
  • Resident demographics
  • Occupancy rates
  • Competitor analysis
  • Average rental rates
  • Development pipelines

We use the NIC MAP Vision Data Service to provide the most accurate and comprehensive market data in the industry.

Financial Performance Projections

HSI can produce high-level pro forma analysis as well as detailed multi-year operating budgets. Our reports benchmark key metrics against regional and national averages.

Existing Operations for Acquisition

We evaluate existing operations for potential acquisitions, offering strategies for increasing employee productivity, maximizing revenue, and realizing operational efficiencies.

Turn-Around Projects

When things don’t go as planned, HSI identifies operational and sales problems, implementing strategies to improve performance, increase staff productivity, and enhance resident and family satisfaction.

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Senior Housing and Assisted Living Business Consulting

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