Capital Solutions for Senior Housing and Assisted Living

Navigating the complexities of debt markets in senior living real estate can be challenging. At Haven Senior Investments, we’re here to help. Our team has spent their careers in senior housing real estate finance. Working directly with numerous lenders who specialize in Senior Housing and Long-Term Care, our personal relationships and impeccable reputation open the doors to unique lending solutions that are quite frequently only available to their largest clients. Our expertise and tailored solutions ensure you can confidently move forward with your investments.

Comprehensive Financial Services

Debt Placement & Structured Finance

  • Customized Loan Solutions: We connect you with creative loan options tailored to your project’s specific requirements.
  • End-to-End Management: From promoting and structuring financing opportunities to managing transactions, we handle it all, freeing you to focus on your day-to-day operations.

Distressed Asset Solutions & Equity Recapitalization

  • Expert Navigation: Our team leverages over 50 years of combined industry experience to guide you through complex debt markets.
  • Strategic Recapitalization: We provide solutions for distressed assets, ensuring you can reposition and optimize your investments effectively.
Why Choose Us?

Industry Expertise

  • Proven Track Record: Our team has successfully led and closed over $2.9 billion in debt financings for more than 400 properties with 30,000+ combined units.
  • In-Depth Understanding: As former underwriters, we know how to match borrower objectives with lenders’ criteria, securing the most competitive capital available.

Tailored Solutions

  • Personalized Service: We offer tailored financial solutions, ensuring your specific investment needs are met with precision.
  • Unique Lending Opportunities: Our relationships with numerous lenders specializing in senior housing and long-term care open doors to exclusive lending solutions.
Our Process

Streamlined Financing

  • Efficient Operations: We streamline the financing process, reducing uncertainty and saving you time.
  • Innovative Solutions: Stay ahead with our up-to-date, creative loan solutions designed for senior housing investments.

Comprehensive Support

  • Dedicated Team: Our experienced team proactively manages your financing from start to finish, providing peace of mind and allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.
Get Started with Us

Ready to Secure Financing? Contact us today to learn how our capital solutions can support your senior housing investment. With our expertise and tailored approach, you can confidently move forward with your projects and achieve outstanding results.

Explore the full potential of your senior housing investment with Haven Senior Investments. Let us help you navigate the complexities of the financing landscape and secure the best possible outcomes for your projects.

For a description of all senior housing loan programs available please visit our Loan Programs page. To learn more about investing in senior housing please visit our page for Investors.

When you need assistance, please fill in this form and within 24 hours a representative will be in touch with you. Your information is held in strict confidence and is never sold to a third party. We look forward to serving you.


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Capital Solutions for Senior Housing and Assisted Living

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