Listings State: Maryland

ID#043184   Approximate Beds/Units:   36/28

ID#037250   Approximate Beds/Units:  48 Units: 32 Private, 16 Semi-Private

Haven Senior Investments is pleased to introduce a turn-key, fully occupied, senior living portfolio located in Kentucky. This investment opportunity offers a new owner strong and immediate cash-flow and an investment footprint into the fast-growing senior housing market.

The combined 70 units across the portfolio offers economies of scale that support efficient operations and more profitable margins. The communities are currently fully occupied with a waiting list of interested residents. Local market Needs Analysis Report shows strong need for both AL and MC in the Louisville area, which further supports the current occupancy. All of these factors, combined with a wonderful Executive Director and seasoned staff, bring together a winning combination, which provides stellar care to the residents and a lucrative investment for the new owner.

  • Over $1 million in NOI
  • 10 Cap
  • Strong yield for stable communities (14% levered cash on cash return)
  • True turn-key investment with little owner involvement
  • Strong local Louisville market need for both AL and MC – site analysis reports to be provided with OM

ID#043182   Approximate Beds/Units:  48

ID#043183   Approximate Beds/Unit:   16      

ID#043181   Approximate Beds/Units:   120  

ID#043179   Approximate Beds/Units:   80-120

ID#010840   Approximate Beds/Units:  42

ID#010835   Approximate Beds/Units:   64

ID#010833   Approximate Beds/Units:   24

ID#049343   Approximate Beds/Units:   19+19

ID#042332   Approximate Beds/Units:   96

ID#042331   Approximate Beds/Units:   53-60

ID#  020616    Approximate Beds/Units:   16+16+12+32

ID# 019524   Approximate Beds/Units:   6-19

ID#0090173   Approximate Beds/Units:   32+23

ID#0090170  Approximate Beds/Units:   30/58



ID#0060815   Approximate Beds/Units:  86

ID#038259   Approximate Beds/Units:   74/52

ID#036236    Approximate Beds/Units:  50 

ID#026943   Approximate Beds/Units:  44

ID#020841  Approximate Beds/Units:  15

ID#0050520  Approximate Beds/Units:   25/39

ID# 0050522   Approximate Beds/Units:   49


ID#049339   Approximate Beds/Units:   25

ID#038257   Approximate Beds/Units:   62/33

ID#021847    Approximated Beds/Units:   Under 40

An associate firm is pleased to introduce an “under 40 bed” facility residing on over 6 acres of land. This is a wonderfully maintained assisted living with census 90%+.It comes with an apartment and plenty of parking. The facility is fully staffed and ready to go. If you’re thinking “old mansion” converted into an assisted living, you’d be way off. This home, though originally built in 1940, has been improved and ready for the 21st century. Half baths adjoin all the rooms along with ample shower rooms, dining room, etc. There is plenty of extra acreage that is beautiful as is, or one could consider adding something like expanding the assisted living.

ID#020842   Approximate Beds/Units:   16

 ID#043174    Approximate Beds/Units:  23

ID#0090161   Approximate Beds/Units:   40

 ID# 0050524   Approximate Beds/Units:   34

ID#049342   Approximate Beds/Units:   19

ID#022860   Approximate Beds/Units:  36

ID#022862   Approximate Beds/Units:  20+20+16=56

Haven Senior Investments is pleased to offer this lovely residential care facility with 12 licensed beds that located between Kansas City and Topeka, Kansas. Built in 2018 and recently improved by the current ownership, this facility has been lovingly appointed with warm and modern details, which make it feel like home. Currently operating at full capacity, this facility’s residents are primarily private pay. The community accepts Medicaid when accompanied by a Special Case Allowance program which augments rent payments to this facility’s  minimum monthly rates, assuring a strong basis for monthly revenue. Conveniently located near major highways, and next door to a senior citizen center, this facility is situated for maximum visibility and convenience. NIC Map Vision Data indicates strong market need for AL beds in the immediate local area.
• Fully staffed turn-key investment.
• Current occupancy at 100% with a waiting list.
• NOI over $250K with room to improve margins
• Special Case Allowance Medicaid program affords the community the ability to collect full private pay rates for all residents
• Attention to detail and beautiful appointments contribute to a restful and warm atmosphere.
• NIC Map/Vision Data shows strong need for AL beds in the immediate market

Haven Senior Investments is pleased to offer this 21 unit, 27 licensed bed, residential care facility located in a lovely community just outside of Kansas City. Current NOI is $147,000 and the offering is priced at a 12 CAP. This community has been lovingly owned and operated by a sole proprietor for over 35 years, who is now ready to retire.

The community opened its doors in 1986 with a mission to provide a setting full of friendships, activities and fun for residents without the worries of daily living. Currently one of the most affordable private pay facilities in the Kansas City metro area, with an average monthly rent rate of approximately $2,420, the community also makes a few beds available to Missouri’s generous Medicaid program.

Located just off of I-70, it is conveniently located for easy access and visibility. The backyard and terrace of the community abut a lovely town park where children play and summer concerts fill the air. A large area Medical Center is a half mile away and the Kansas City Airport is a short drive by car.

ID#043173   Approximate Beds/Units:   40

ID#0090169   Approximate Beds/Units:  30-36

ID#0090165   Approximate Beds/Units:   30

ID#0050521   Approximate Beds/Units:  28/56

ID#0038154   Approximate Beds/Units:   62/74

ID#023924   Approximate Beds/Units:   210-229

ID#023922   Approximate Beds/Units:  19

ID#023919   Approximate Beds/Units:  32

Haven Senior Investments in pleased to to offer a Personal Care Home that is a 30-bed Assisted Living Community nestled in the rolling hills of central Pennsylvania. This facility has been family owned and operated for over 20 years, which contributes to its cozy environment and happy residents. The facility is conveniently situated in a high-traffic corridor. NIC Vision data indicates strong demand for assisted living in the immediate market area. The current owner has maintained a steady business with strong occupancy throughout her tenure. As of April 2023, the occupancy remains steady at 96% with a waiting list of interested residents. This facility does not accept Medicaid but does accept Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for those eligible in Pennsylvania on a limited basis. Rental rates currently average $4,128 per month, which is below average for the area and offers opportunity for a new owner to bring the monthly income up to current rates. Additionally, the 5-acre lot provides plenty of room for potential future expansion. This facility provides a rare opportunity for both new and existing Seniors Housing owners to acquire a stabilized, turnkey operation.
• Owner willing to stay on during transition, if desired.
• Well maintained facility with experienced and committed staff.
• Conveniently located close to hospitals and major transportation routes.
• Very consistent occupancy and net operating income.
• Large parcel with plenty of room for expansion

Haven Senior Investments is pleased to offer this beautifully maintained Assisted Living Community located in south central Illinois. Originally built in 2008, this 13-unit (16 licensed beds) Assisted Living Community is offered along with adjacent parcels of land which include a two-bedroom single family home (where the owners currently reside) a garage/workshop, and 2 large storage sheds. This Community is currently owned and operated by a husband-and-wife team who are ready to retire. Over the past few years, they have stabilized the facility and added several modern systems and technologies to streamline day-to-day operations.
Investment Highlights:
• Strong, stabilized business performance offering long term care, daily care, and respite care.
• Single family home and additional structures included with sale of Community.
• Numerous systems and applications streamline operations, including: Deputy Employee Scheduling, Gusto Payroll Systems, Groves Menu Systems, Relias Employee Training System, and more.
• Extensive recent capital improvements including new lighting, alarm system, new fencing & landscaping, and numerous new fixtures, including a commercial range, freezer, ice maker, washer/dryer, and hot water tanks.
• Full back -up generator.

ID#043170   Approximate Beds/Units:  28

ID#025818   Approximate Beds/Units:  60

ID#0090168   Approximate Beds/Units:   40

ID#0090171   Approximate Beds/Units:  43


ID#0050518   Approximate Beds/Units:   34

ID#038256   Approximate Beds/Units:  72

Haven Senior Investments is thrilled to present a remarkable assisted living community located in Southern California. Boasting a sprawling 5.52 acre lot, this 96-bed community has recently secured approval for the coveted California Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) program.

The ALW program is in high demand throughout California, presenting a golden opportunity for a new owner to capitalize on the immense market need for government-subsidized assisted living and memory care services. With the approval in place this opportunity stands ready to be transformed into a thriving community, catering to the growing demand.

The community currently houses residents in single occupancy, private pay rooms, and with some minor policy and procedure changes advised by leading ALW reimbursement experts, the potential to accommodate 5 to 8 new residents per month becomes apparent. This targeted approach will steadily lead the community to reach maximum occupancy and a projected 25% operating margin, translating to an impressive estimated EBITDAR of approximately $1.04 million.

The physical plant has been well maintained over the years and requires minimal capital expenditure for an ALW community. Moreover, the unique floor plan allows for efficient grouping of residents based on acuity levels, ensuring a seamless transition during the lease-up period without major disruptions to operations. In addition, two adjacent parcels totaling 5.26 acres, previously approved by the city for skilled nursing and assisted living, are also available for sale. The current owners, who possess Independent Living apartments on a nearby parcel, are open to a First Right of Refusal for interested parties.

Don’t miss this exceptional chance to participate in the thriving ALW market. The recent ALW program approval, strategic floor plan ideal for memory care or higher ALW Tier levels, substantial building size, large lot and additional adjacent parcels make for tremendous growth potential. Supported by a dedicated long-term staff, this is a truly unique opportunity to make a significant impact in the senior care industry.

Contact Haven Senior Investments today to embark on a journey towards transforming this community into a thriving haven for seniors, while securing your own prosperous future in this high-demand market.

ID#023923   Approximate Beds/Units:  40/35

ID#023921   Approximate Beds/Units:   16+16=32

ID#044660    Approximate Beds/Units:  24

Haven Senior Investments is pleased to present a 60-unit Assisted Living/Senior Housing Facility near Atlanta GA. This facility was originally built as a personal care home and was most recently used for behavioral health. The real estate, now vacant, has been repossessed by the lender, who is an eager seller. The 30,000 square foot building sits on 1.34 acres in an area with a strong need for both AL and MC. At just over $100 a square foot, this may be the best development opportunity in the Atlanta area. Market site report and building plans available upon request.

ID#010817   Approximate Beds/Units:  25

ID#0090159   Approximate Beds/Units:  26

ID#0038151   Approximate Beds/Units:   20 Beds

ID#041322   Approximate Beds/Units:  22

ID#026941   Approximate Beds/Units:  107/55

ID#033104   Approximated Beds/Units:   150

ID#022855   Approximate Beds/Units:   100

ID#032246   Approximate Beds/Units:   30/19

Haven Senior Investments is proud to introduce a Memory Care business and portfolio that was founded by an RN in 2010 and is based on her belief that there is a better way of providing a safe, secure environment for persons with dementia related illnesses. The communities are specifically designed to complement the needs of individuals with dementia. The portfolio consists of three campuses and a total of five 12-unit buildings. Each of the campus locations is within an hour drive time and provides market coverage in the southern Illinois and St Louis area. The buildings are extremely well maintained and were constructed between 2011 and 2018. Each building has twelve private suites with ensuite bathrooms and are spacious enough to allow residents to bring their personal belongings and furnishings to have familiar things surrounding them. The design and size of the floor plan provides for ease of movement for the dementia resident without an overwhelming feeling of being lost. Demand is strong for memory care in this region as exhibited by the needs analysis reports attached to this offering. This facility is currently operating at 100% occupancy with a wait list. Staffing has been a recent challenge for the owners, so they have opted to consolidate and leave one of the buildings unoccupied. The financials presented represent the historical and current operations of the 4 fully occupied buildings. The offering does include a fifth building, which is currently vacant by choice.

VALUE HIGHLIGHTS: 4 fully occupied buildings producing over $700,000 NOI. The offering includes a 5th building on campus currently vacant by choice and is ready for buyer to lease up. There is a solid need for memory care in the local market as evidenced by the Needs Analysis Report (available for review). There is the ability to significantly increase NOI: Bringing 5th building online increases NOI by $180,000, normalizing expenses to industry standards adds another $233,000 to NOI. The Facilities are strategically located within an hour’s drive of St. Louis, MO, Terre Haute IN and Champaign IL. The Resident Manager/Director oversees operations at each location for turn-key operation. The business maintains an outstanding reputation in the industry.

VALUE PROPOSITION: BRING 5TH BUILDING ONLINE. The 5th building on campus is furnished and ready to be brought on line by a new owner. The current waiting list and NIC MAP Vision Data indicates plenty of need for 5th building = Increases NOI by $180,000 and NORMALIZE EXPENSES TO ACHIEVE INDUSTRY MARGINS – a profit margin of 27% increases NOI by another $233,000.

ID#090178   Approximate Beds/Units:  120+

Haven Senior Investments is proud to present a 33,981 sq.ft. medical hospital building that was constructed in 2009. It was operated as a hospital under several different names until around 2019 when it was re-marketed as a medical office building. The first floor was reconfigured from a food service/patient service area to an office for a physician group. Current tenant’s lease will terminate soon and food service, patient waiting room and emergency room area could easily be restored. The second and third floors comprise 23,824 sq.ft. and remain outfitted as hospital rooms (single and double occupancy) many rooms with furniture and fixtures remaining. Each room has a restroom and lavatory area, as well as a closet. There are valves in the walls of each room for oxygen plus two other features. Most all patient rooms are on the window walls of the building with support room facilities in the inner core of the floor. There are multiple nurse stations on each floor and a mail station on each with a securable file cabinetry, monitoring screens for each room and telephone lines. Each of the two floors have office rooms for support staff, x-ray and other ancillary functions central to the support of a hospital environment. There is one public elevator and one freight elevator that service the three-story building. The building has an external stairway for fire protection as well as an internal sprinkler system and hoses on each floor. There are lockable doors that function to secure one-half of each floor separate from the other half. The condition of the flooring, walls, paint, ceilings, etc. would be considered exceptional considering the time is has sat without occupancy. The leasing market in this area has been such that the cost of converting the hospital rooms to office space was greater than could be justified by the office rental rate. This has contributed to the opportunity that is now at hand for the right operator. Modifications to ready the building for a new rehab or small hospital use would be far easier than any conversion of a building used previously for other purposes.

ID#022857   Approximate Beds/Units:   18

ID#027950   Approximate Beds/Units:   73/54

ID#033103   Approximate Beds/Units:   96

ID#038255   Approximated Beds/Units:  TBD

ID#038258   Approximate Beds/Units:  65

ID#0050519  Approximate Beds/Units:   58/90

ID#036235   Approximate Beds/Units:   87 

ID#049340   Approximate Beds/Units:  20

ID#044662   Approximate Beds/Units:   50

ID#044661   Approximated Beds/Units:  20

ID#043176   Approximate Beds/Units:  48

ID#043175   Approximate Beds/Units:   55

ID#043172   Approximate Beds/Units:  148

ID#043171   Approximate Beds/Units:  241

ID#043169  Approximate Beds/Units:  13

ID#043168   Approximate Beds/Units:   16

ID#042328   Approximate Beds/Units:   166/83 & 14/14

ID#041320   Approximate Beds/Units:  21

ID#040316   Approximate Beds/Units:   52

ID#040315   Approximate Beds/Units:   40

ID#038260   Approximate Beds/Units:  147

ID#037249   Approximate Beds/Units:   39

ID#037247   Approximate Beds/Units:   30

ID#037246   Approximate Beds/Units:   34

ID#033102   Approximate Beds/Units:   100

ID#033100   Approximate Beds/Units:   66

Haven Senior Investments is pleased to introduce a 50-bed Assisted Living Facility. This is a turn-key investment with experienced, long term staff in place. The facility is a newly remodeled community in a desirable and quiet neighborhood. It has a stellar reputation and very stable occupancy. It is the sole facility within a 20-mile radius providing Assisted Living and Memory Care services and is located just blocks from the Medical Center. The resident units include kitchens, private bath, walk in shower and large closets. This 5-apartment community is large enough to provide economies of scale to maximize business operations yet cozy and warm enough to feel like home. Although the community has 50 separate units, the facility is licensed for up to 66 residents. Highlights include a total AL Units of 50 that are all-private. There are 12 deluxe 1 BRs w full kitchens & patio, 10 deluxe 2 BRs w full kitchen & patio, and 28 Standard 1 BRs w kitchenette. The average rent is $3,137 and the occupancy is at 95%.

ID#026942   Approximate Beds/Units:   26

ID#025817   Approximate Bed/Units:  18

ID#024936   Approximate Beds/Units:  30+32=62

ID#024935   Approximate Beds/Units:   54

ID#023920   Approximate Beds/Units:  29

ID#023918    Approximate Beds/Units:   20

ID#022864   Approximate Beds/Units:  30

ID#022863   Approximate Beds/Units:  54-60

ID#022859    Approximate Beds/Units:   20+16=36

ID#022856   Approximate Beds/Units:  15

ID#022854   Approximate Beds/Units:   18

ID#018723   Approximate Beds/Units:  120

Haven Senior Investments is pleased to introduce and Assisted Living Facility with 59 licensed beds in the heartland of America’s “Bread Basket.” The facility has a stellar local reputation. It is a well-maintained, modern facility that was renovated in 2018. There is a seasoned and caring staff with excellent resident to caregiver ratios. The Market Study shows solid local demand for AL and MC. There is also a strong and established business platform to grow and expand the business.
• Investment Highlights:
• Cash on cash returns over 25% (with SBA financing).
• NOI – $439,052
• CAP Rate – 10%

Haven Senior Investments is pleased to introduce a 27,872 SF Assisted Living Facility with 48 Units. The facility is currently at 100% occupancy. This is a turn-key investment – $1,200,000 NOI, 15$ Cash on Cash (approx.). The facility has high-end appointments and built-in management. There is a dedicated and stable staff. The facility caters to high-end memory care residents and maintains a waiting list. It is a vibrant community and has local culture. There is very strong market demand.

Haven Senior Investments is proud to introduce an 18-bed, fully occupied, facility with the opportunity to increase revenue to market rates – 17% increase in room rate increases – NOI by over $200,000. This facility is offered significantly below replacement cost. Current cash on cash return at 20% before any changes. There is tremendous upside by realizing moderate increase in monthly rates. The original ownership is ready to retire. This is a large facility with recent expansion. There is 100% occupancy.

ID#013714   Approximate Bed/Units:  TBD

ID#012158   Approximate Beds/Units:   16+16

ID#010818   Approximate Beds/Units:   100

ID#0090177   Approximate Beds/Units:  110

ID#0090175   Approximate Beds/Units:  135

ID#0090174   Approximate Beds/Units:   90

ID#0090172   Approximate Beds/Units:  40/60

ID#0090167   Approximate Beds/Units:   30

ID#0090165   Approximate Beds/Units:   35

ID#0090163   Approximate Beds/Units:   18/36

ID#0090162   Approximate Beds/Units: 53-55

ID#0090160  Approximate Beds/Units:   73

ID#0090158   Approximate Beds/Units:  12-22

ID#007117   Approximate Beds/Units:   25

ID#022861   Approximate Beds/Units:  20

ID#0060814   Approximate Beds/Units:   16+16

ID# 0050523   Approximate Beds/Units:   96

ID#0050517  Approximate Beds/Units:   58-60

ID#0050516  Approximate Beds/Units:   40

ID#0038156   Approximate Beds/Units:   111

ID#0038155 – Approximate Beds/Units:   123

ID#0038153   Approximate Bed/Units:   20 Beds

ID#0038152   Approximate Beds/Units:   22 Beds

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