Executive Director Leadership Training


All leaders face similar challenges:

  • Constant feeling of stress
  • Work/Life Balance issues
  • Lack of consistent confidence
  • Difficulty transferring plans to results
  • Inconsistent performance
  • Inability adjusting to change
  • Reaching goals
  • Lack of plan for overall development

All of these challenges can be traced back to their ENERGY.

About Leadership Training

Regardless of how well-trained leaders are, they are influenced by various inner and outer elements that can help or hinder performance. These are the core influencers and by understanding and then knowing how to handle them, leaders have a huge advantage in creating consistent and effective performance.

A Leader's Energy is Affected and Influenced By:

  • Spiritual factors that create attitude, confidence, purpose and motivation
  • Mental ability to have clarity, focus and concentration in all situations and conditions
  • Emotions that arise during interactions
  • Physical health and wellbeing factors
  • Having a comprehensive plan

What Sets The Program Apart


Participants begin to master all aspects of planning and performance. They build knowledge and skill in maximizing energy, and overcome internal and external blocks for themselves and those they lead.


Develop a foundation for living and leading that creates a powerful state of awareness and positive attitude. The program allows leaders to take back control over development, creating a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Key Learning Objectives

Upon successfully completing the program, participants will have acquired coach-approach leadership training, including theory and philosophies, techniques and application. Furthermore, specific training to be effective coaches as executives and managers in a senior living setting.


Provides Executive Directors with a framework for significantly improved interpersonal communication, self-leadership and leadership skills based on a coach-approach foundation.


Through experiential learning, Executive Directors will apply new understanding and skills to their specific professional and personal situations to significantly increase integration of new abilities. This approach ensures the newly acquainted knowledge can be applied "first thing Monday morning" when "real life" resumes.


The training gives Executive Directors the opportunity to experience the power of the Energy coaching process first hand. The program not only teaches transformational leadership skills, but also significantly advances personal and professional growth.

New Results

Learn powerful tools and skills to empower and engage others. The curriculum is designed to foster new belief systems which supports creating choices that drive powerfully different (and better) results.

Coaching Centric

Leadership skills used to build energy, engagement, insight and action.


Communicating more effectively is critical to success.


Managing feedback and challenges with tact and insight.


Focusing on the connection between individual and external visions.


Implementation of a clear, simple and highly effective goal achievement and planning process.


Motivating, inspiring and influencing others for optimal performance.

Revolutionizing Executive Director Leadership

Understanding and implementing this program can have a profound impact on the overall health and wellbeing of your team.

Culture Shift

"We put 8 executives through this program. Even before the program was complete, we began to see results. Today, our entire culture has shifted and we have exceeded our goals. It is the BEST training investment I have ever made!" - Bill Bent, Managing Member NDSL


"Truly transformational, both professionally and personally, far surpassing other leadership and executive coaching programs. It has leapfrogged us into highly inspiring leaders!"
25% increase in client satisfaction in less than 6 months

-Nichole Tomei, Dir. Sales & Marketing, LTCO360


"This program has supercharged my business! We will continue to engage their program to continue our path to accelerated growth."
Employee engagement increased 33%

-Sam Shah, Chairman & CEO, LTCO360 Inc.

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