ID#047243    Approximate Beds/Units:  24/70    Location:    Tacoma

Another firm is pleased to introduce an Assisted Living Facility with 26,281 SF in Tacoma. On the main level there are 34 large rooms, each accommodating 2 people, with a shared restroom between every two rooms (approximately 19 in total). Additionally, there are shower rooms on both wings of the building, along with offices, a lounge, a commercial kitchen, and a cafeteria. The lower level features additional living units, a bathroom, a rec room, laundry facilities, and storage rooms. A new boiler system was installed in 2015, with hydronic heating throughout. The sprinkler and fire alarm systems are up-to-date. There is a parking lot in front of the building, as well as additional spaces in the back.

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Tacoma $3,750,000 ID#047243

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