ID#025818   Approximate Beds/Units:  60    Location:  Kimberling City

Another firm is pleased to introduce this 41,373 Sq Ft Health Care Facility that was all current and in operation until December of 2020. It has 60 total rooms, plus hallways and common areas for laundry, kitchen, and dining/reception areas. It was leased prior to Covid for approximately $32,000.00/month. In December of 2020 the lease expired, so when Covid hit, it was not renewed. Prior ownership elected to close the facility, and the property was offered for sale in conjunction with the residential units that surround the property. The care facility and parking area lies on 6.2 Acres according to the Tax Map. County Maintenance takes care of the access road right up to the Mailbox. The East wing has full bathrooms in each room. The rest of the facility has common area bath/shower areas just like most nursing Care Facilities. The Facility and the land it sits on is now offered at a 13% cap rate based on the prior known market rent amount of the facility. The sale includes all personal property and necessary equipment on site. Buyer agent fees of 2% are included for any licensed realtor assisting their buyer procure this property. Investment Highlights • Built in 1981 with a new addition and renovations in the Front Dining/Reception area constructed in 2007 • Water/Sewer shared with adjacent properties: A well and sewer share agreement will be included with the property to comprise of 50/50 of the operational expenses and maintenance to be shared with the adjacent neighbor residential properties who are benefiting. • Outflow permits: The MO DNR outflow permit for the hot water boiler has been temporarily modified due to the functional obsolescence of the Boiler Hot water heating system. Each room should have its own heating and several of the common areas are already set up with their own current HVAC. This is a temporary modification to the permit and it is understood that it can be put back in place (there is a process) to any prospective purchaser interested or needing this permit. Permit numbers can be provided for the facility and discussions with the MO DNR are encouraged as part of any buyer’s due diligence. • Generator and Transfer Switch: A 80 KW propane powered generator and automatic transfer switch is included with the property. * Access Easement to the North residential units shall be drafted not less than 30 ft wide across existing roadways/parking areas.

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Kimberling City $2.95M – ID#025818

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