ID#0090171   Approximate Beds/Units:  43     Location:  Lake Worth

Another firm is pleased to introduce this listing for 2 buildings for Assisted Living/Memory Care with a total of 43 beds. The buildings are very close to one another and easy to operate with only one administrator for both buildings. The owner is a real estate developer and does not manage the daily operation of the ALF. He has a full-time manager and staff that run the facility. Building 1: The first building has been in operation since 2014, and is fully licensed operating 85% occupancy with staff and admin. It has a strong reputation within the community and has established itself as a reliable assisted living/memory care facility. The building is well-maintained and has undergone renovations in 2020-2021. Building 2: This is a newly constructed turnkey building that is currently in the licensing process. The interior of the building features a modern design with an upscale and luxurious feel. It is fully furnished and ready to operate once the licensing is complete. The owner can use the same team to operate this one as well and get this building filled up and unlock its full potential. The current NOI on open building is $350K, pro forma $400K NOI. Both building pro forma NOI $880K. There is Conventional bank and seller financing available. Local municipality laws do not allow for additional facilities of this size category to be built indicating limited competition. There are fire sprinklers, a fire alarm, a generator, an underground propane gas tank, and a commercial kitchen. The property is well-maintained and has a beautifully decorated yard and interior. The occupied building was renovated in 2020 and in 2021 the new building fully was furnished and ready to go.


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Lake Worth $5.95M – ID#0090171

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