An associate firm is pleased to introduce an Opportunity to own three (3) Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE). Two (2) facilities are immediately available for purchase and the third facility is going thru a large building addition; the construction will be done at the beginning of 2025. Initially, you will own and operate two of the facilities. You will have the third facility under contract until the construction is completed and then the purchase transaction will be completed. The first two facilities have a total of 29 beds and the third facility will be licensed for 60 beds. The total bed count for all three facilities will be 89 licensed beds. The two facilities for sale right now are the ones located in: near South Redlands and Angelus Oaks (15 miles NE from Redlands). The third facility is also located in Redlands. In the purchase contract it will have a “first right of refusal” clause to purchase the third facility at appraisal value at time of completion. Once you have all three facilities, you will have the largest market share in the greater Redlands area, under the current operating business model. The brand is the premier brand in the greater Redlands area. You are purchasing a brand that denotes quality and value. They will also be providing a transition period upon which the current Executive Director and CEO will both help with the transition by providing training and support to facilitate a successful transition to the new ownership team. The RCFE industry will sustain an annual growth rate of over 18%. This is one of the higher growth industries in the inland empire. Plenty of growth opportunity abounds. The only limit is your ambition. **Note: The data being provided is just for the two facilities being sold now.**

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