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Unleash your potential with Haven Senior Investments. Our senior living consulting services are designed to drive success, turning complex business issues into opportunities for growth. With our innovative and adaptable solutions, you won’t just keep up with the evolving senior living marketplace, you’ll lead the way. Choose HSI, and start your journey towards excellence in the senior living sector today.

Haven Senior Investments (HSI) is your strategic partner for excellence across all facets of community operations.

Imagine having a team of experts by your side, dedicated to the successful recruitment, hiring, and training of top-tier staff, thereby fostering a professional and supportive community environment.

Venture into the world of advanced business development, enhancing your brand reputation, and expanding your social media footprint. We guide you in strategically projecting your unique identity in the digital sphere.

Take control of care and service delivery with our assistance in implementation and optimization, ensuring top-quality care for your residents.

Leverage our administrative and financial solutions to drive efficiency in operations and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Turn occupancy issues into opportunities, with strategic workforce management and exceptional resident relations, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

Achieve a lean operational model with our expertise in cost containment, which translates into maximized profits without compromising the quality of care.

Benefit from our bespoke sales and marketing strategies, tailored to your community’s specific needs and designed to boost occupancy rates.

Utilize our financial analysis capabilities to make data-driven decisions, backed by accurate budgeting that ensures your financial health.

Last but not least, enhance resident engagement through our innovative programming and life enrichment initiatives.

The demand for senior living communities is increasing at an impressive rate. This growth will place even greater pressure on identifying competent, qualified, and experienced staff – causing operators to prioritize training and retention programs.

Does your senior living organization wrestle with any of these challenges?

Are you facing gaps in support from your regional or corporate direct reports? Is staffing turnover becoming an overwhelming issue? Perhaps communication from upper management isn’t as fluid as it needs to be?

Maybe you’re grappling with the effects of inflation, or morale is low among your staff due to burnout? Or is your onboarding training failing to unlock the full potential of your new hires?

Are you struggling to obtain fresh, measurable data that can drive results and facilitate informed decision-making? Is your team finding it difficult to adapt quickly to the changing needs of your residents? Or perhaps time mismanagement is leading to inefficiencies?

If you’re experiencing any of these challenges, Haven Senior Investments is here to help. Our suite of services is designed to address these issues head-on, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.

Choose us, and let us transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

Are you yearning to rejuvenate your leadership team culture, revolutionize your Business Intelligence approach, or reinvent your recruitment and retention strategies?

If yes, then a Senior Living People Strategy is your destination for transformation.

The Seniors Housing industry is rapidly transforming, impacting all sectors – from Active Adult and Independent Living to Assisted Living and Memory Care environments. As an operator, staying ahead in this dynamic landscape requires swift adaptation to societal, environmental, and regulatory changes.

Whether your goal is to design for the future, reposition an existing product, or maintain a competitive edge, these changes present a fast-paced challenge. But with every challenge comes an opportunity, and that’s where we come in.

At HSI, we provide tailored solutions that not only address these evolving challenges but turn them into tangible opportunities. We empower owners and operators to thrive amidst change, positioning your organization for sustained success in the senior housing industry.

Join us in this journey of adaptation and growth, and let’s transform these challenges into milestones of success. Together, we can reshape the future of senior living.

Initial Development Services

Analysis of Design and Development Documents

Senior Living communities are not licensed or regulated by any federal or national agency, but by state entities. As such, there are 50 sets of criteria to license and operate assisted living and memory care communities. As a result of the pandemic, many states are also adopting changes in the requirements for licensing and regulating these communities. It is important to stay abreast of these pending changes; having a national network of industry contacts allows HSI to stay up to date on regulatory changes to ensure project compliance and a smooth licensing process.

HSI delivers a detailed report of our analysis from the perspective of licensing and compliance and provides input related to the operational efficiency of the project’s architectural plans. This report provides assurance to financial partners of the financial viability of the project and its compliance with all licensing criteria.

Competitive Analysis

It is critical to know your competition and the conditions in the market. HSI offers a detailed competitive review on all senior housing communities in the project’s Primary Market Area. This report includes information on care, services, amenities, rent and care rates, occupancy, and physical plant. This analysis allows owners and developers to best position their product, identify target markets and effectively position the project.

Development of Pre-Opening Marketing and Sales Programs

Messaging, marketing, and sales efforts are critical for new senior living developments. A strong campaign should result in 35-40% pre-leased units. Creating and executing tasks prior to opening can make a significant difference in attaining or exceeding financial expectations. From identification and building relationships with the area’s key referral sources, impactful social media and online ad campaigns, and planning/execution of marketing events, HSI is experienced in designing, managing, and executing these critical services.

Financial Performance Projections

HSI can produce high-level pro forma analysis as well as detailed multi-year operating budgets. Key metrics of these reports will be bench marked against regional and national averages.

Existing Operations for Acquisition

HSI will evaluate existing operations for any project being considered for acquisition. This evaluation includes a detailed analysis of charges vs. services and will include strategies and recommendations for increasing employee productivity, maximizing revenue, and realizing operating efficiencies. A “strengths and weaknesses” analysis of existing staff will also be performed on the buyer’s behalf.

Turn-Around Projects

Everything doesn’t always go as planned for a variety of reasons. HSI is skilled at identifying operational and sales problems and correcting them. Repositioning, implementing strategies for improving performance, and increasing staff production and efficiency are critical elements of our turn-around programs. Gauging staff engagement, resident and family satisfaction, and fiscal performance establishes a baseline from which improvements can be measured.

Consultative Management Services

Our sister company, Haven Senior Living, provides ownership groups already using a 3rd Party Management Company with Asset Management services which include:

  • Review of the existing contract for management services and analysis of community financial performance and comparison to industry norms
  • Onsite and in-person interviews with community Executive Directors and other key staff to solicit candid insights and opinions of current performance and factors as well as the community’s relationship and perceptions of the management company (Satisfaction Survey)
  • Interviews with the management company’s support (regional) staff assigned to the community
Senior Housing and Assisted Living Market Reports
  • What are the senior housing and assisted living property market supply trends?
  • What are the senior housing and assisted living property market demand trends, including the resident demographics?
  • Senior housing and assisted living occupancy and what are the trends?
  • What senior housing and assisted living developments are in the pipeline?
    Who are the competitors in the market?
  • What are the average senior housing and assisted living rental rates?
  • Where should you buy or develop senior housing or assisted living properties?

We use the NIC MAP Vision Data Service which is the premier provider of unbiased market data for the seniors housing and care sector. We have the ONLY data set in the industry that tracks all licensed beds. Our competitors reports will either track and report on 15+ or 25+ beds thereby leaving a percentage of uncounted licensed beds. This issue creates a market feasibility study that is not accurate.

Additional Services include:

Development and Management of Critical Tasks Worksheet (New Developments as well as Acquisitions)
Identification and Recruitment of Key Staff
Strategic Planning and Positioning
Key Performance Indicators Development
Complete Asset and Personnel Management
Regular and Thorough Reporting to Ownership
Technology Enhancements
Effective Staff Recruitment and Retention
Achievement of Operational Benchmarks and Financial Goals
Effective Turn Around of Under-performing Assets and Repositioning


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