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About Mike Allen

Mike is an Army Veteran where he attained the rank of Captain.  In 2004, Mike deployed to Iraq where he led a team of 50 soldiers.  That experience not only led him closer to God, but made him appreciate the life God has blessed him with.  At that time, the deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan seemed unending, so Mike decided to leave the Army after his obligation was up. 

Based on his military training and aptitude, Mike was recruited into medical sales.  During that time frame, he called on numerous medical specialties (Internal Medicine, Primary Care, Cardiology, Pulmonology, etc.).  Mike noticed a similar theme stemming from many of the conversations with his physicians- the need for more medically focused Senior Housing.  After investigating the Senior Housing space, he saw the opportunity it presented as an asset class for buyers, sellers, and especially physician-investors.    

Mike is now an Advisor with Haven Senior Investments responsible for the Southeast.  He was drawn to Haven Senior Investments based on its Senor Housing specialty combined with their Christ-focused mission.  His responsibilities include providing brokerage, debt/equity placement, site feasibility, asset management and operations consulting.  He works with individual buyers/sellers, Private Equity, REIT’s, and physician-investor groups.  He believes he is truly serving a need in the marketplace stemming from the insights relayed to him by his physician customers those many years ago. 

Mike lives in North Carolina with his wife Ashlee and his three stepchildren.  He as a daughter and three grandkids back in Arizona.  Mike and Ashlee enjoy traveling, hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains, and spending time at the beautiful beaches of NC. 

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Mike Allen

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