Haven Senior Investments is proud to present two Assisted Living Care Homes, each with 10 beds for a total of 20 beds. Both were recently acquired by the current owner. They have both been restructured and upgraded with numerous capital improvements and staffing adjustments. Additionally, there is now a strong Manager/Administrator in place and is overseeing daily operations. The current owner has designed the business to be self-operating with very little operational input needed from the owner. He currently spends just a few hours each week overseeing the business. There is great opportunity here for a new owner to step in, take advantage of the restructuring and continue to make improvements to operations. At a current occupancy of 65% there is a great deal of upside potential to increase revenue. Some of the capital improvements to Property #1 include: new kitchen, bathrooms and flooring throughout as well as new furniture and fixtures. Note: Due to the relatively short period of current ownership, there is not a lot of historical financial information. Property #2 was acquired in February 2022 and Property #1 in July 2021. Contact us for further financial information. These are turn-key operations – great staff, great manager, and owner works approximately 2 hours per week on the business. The annualized 2022 NOI is $173,309 and is offered at 13% Cap Rate. This is an opportunity for a new owner to significantly improve revenue and value. There is a strong need for AL beds in the local market.
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Texas – with 10 beds for a total of 20 beds.

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