An associate firm is pleased to introduce an Independent Living Community located 60 miles North-West of Austin, TX. Across the property’s 3.5 acres, there are 13 resident cottages. Among these 13 cottages are 5 two-bedroom cottages, 5 large one-bedroom cottages, 2 small one-bedroom cottages, and 1 extra-large one-bedroom cottage. All cottages are full apartments with separate bedrooms, large baths, full kitchens with appliances, laundry facilities and are ADA accessible. Every cottage has a large porch with desirable views of the Texas Hill Country. The clubhouse has a semi-commercial kitchen, dining space for all residents, an activity room, laundry facility, and an efficiency apartment used for on-site staff to live. The barn has climate-controlled storage space that houses extra freezers, dry food and supplies, seasonal decorations, and storage. Two other sections of the barn are enclosed for outdoor storage of equipment and maintenance supplies. The well house has well water pressure tank storage, water softener system, and lawn irrigation controls. The property’s lot size is 3.5 acres, and there are approximately 1.5 acres of open field land that offers room for a new owner to expand the number of cottages on the property. The business could offer 3 meals per day (they currently provide 2), and offer more activities, like outings to social clubs, movies or swimming pools. A new owner could also provide these activities in-house. Building a pool, an interactive garden, or tending to farm animals, like chickens or sheep in the bar, are all engaging and enjoyable activities that will allow the business to stand out further from its competition. The costs of these expansion projects could be amortized over higher monthly rental rates paid by residents or by expanding the number of residents the business can care for. The company has one competitor in the area, a senior living facility that is owned, operated, and located on the same property as an assisted living center. The owners do not view their competitors as a significant threat, as there is more than enough demand for senior living facilities in the beautiful central Texas countryside to support more than one facility. After successfully operating and growing the company for more than a decade, the owners are looking to spend a few years away from their careers and focus on their real estate investments. The facility has been in business for 12 years.
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Texas – 60 miles North-West of Austin, TX.

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