Haven Senior Investments is proud to introduce a Memory Care business and portfolio that was founded by an RN in 2010 and is based on her belief that there is a better way of providing a safe, secure environment for persons with dementia related illnesses. The communities are specifically designed to complement the needs of individuals with dementia. The portfolio consists of three campuses and a total of five 12-unit buildings. Each of the campus locations is within an hour drive time and provides market coverage in the southern Illinois and St Louis area. The buildings are extremely well maintained and were constructed between 2011 and 2018. Each building has twelve private suites with ensuite bathrooms and are spacious enough to allow residents to bring their personal belongings and furnishings to have familiar things surrounding them. The design and size of the floor plan provides for ease of movement for the dementia resident without an overwhelming feeling of being lost. Demand is strong for memory care in this region as exhibited by the needs analysis reports attached to this offering. This facility is currently operating at 100% occupancy with a wait list. Staffing has been a recent challenge for the owners, so they have opted to consolidate and leave one of the buildings unoccupied. The financials presented represent the historical and current operations of the 4 fully occupied buildings. The offering does include a fifth building, which is currently vacant by choice.

VALUE HIGHLIGHTS: 4 fully occupied buildings producing over $700,000 NOI. The offering includes a 5th building on campus currently vacant by choice and is ready for buyer to lease up. There is a solid need for memory care in the local market as evidenced by the Needs Analysis Report (available for review). There is the ability to significantly increase NOI: Bringing 5th building online increases NOI by $180,000, normalizing expenses to industry standards adds another $233,000 to NOI. The Facilities are strategically located within an hour’s drive of St. Louis, MO, Terre Haute IN and Champaign IL. The Resident Manager/Director oversees operations at each location for turn-key operation. The business maintains an outstanding reputation in the industry.

VALUE PROPOSITION: BRING 5TH BUILDING ONLINE. The 5th building on campus is furnished and ready to be brought on line by a new owner. The current waiting list and NIC MAP Vision Data indicates plenty of need for 5th building = Increases NOI by $180,000 and NORMALIZE EXPENSES TO ACHIEVE INDUSTRY MARGINS – a profit margin of 27% increases NOI by another $233,000.

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