An associate firm is pleased to introduce 32 Unit Residential Lodging Facility! The facility was constructed in 2001. This state of the art Community Based Residential Facility is hitting the market for the first time! The facility has over 17,000 sq ft and 28 active residential rooms with the ability to expand to 32 rooms. For 20 years this facility was home to many happy residents & remained at 90% occupancy or better throughout. The facility has been inspected yearly and kept up to date with current housing and fire codes. There is fire protection, water treatment & zoned heating/cooling for each room and bathroom & shower. The facility is ADA Compliant. There is a kitchen. conferencing areas, a large lobby, and reception areas. The facility includes a 2-car detached garage for property maintenance Items, gardening areas, great parking, all on a well landscaped 2.62 acre lot. The property is located in a beautiful setting.

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