“An associate firm is pleased to introduce two assisted living homes with management and nursing staff in place located in central Mississippi. The homes have high occupancy rates and offer great care and quality service. The two homes, which are close in proximity to each other allow for efficient management. Business & Real Estate Included: Property A: $1,875,000.00 @ 10.33% Cap Rate 30 Beds 12,541 sq. ft. Property B: $2,550,000.00 @ 9.62% Cap Rate 32 Beds 9,080 sq. ft. Privately owned facilities that have loyal family customers. There are very few competitors in these markets. Below market rate rents allow for growth in revenue. Property A: 12,541 sq. ft. 30 Beds Property B: 9,080 sq. ft. 32 Beds”
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Mississippi – located in central Mississippi

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