ID# 0050522   Approximate Beds/Units:  49     Location:  Mill Valley

An associate firm is pleased to introduce an operating facility, licensed for 49, for elderly care, all of which may be non-ambulatory and 10 of which may be bedridden with a hospice waiver for 20 residents. It has 2 buildings on 2 separate parcels. The front building is 9,350 square feet on a lot size of 13,750 square feet. There are 16 bedrooms on the 1st floor with shared bathrooms between each room except for 2 rooms that have their own private bathrooms. The 2nd floor has 7 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms. The building has 1 elevator & a large terrace in the back. There is a pathway bridge over a serene stream with trees to access the 2nd building. The 2nd building has 6 bedrooms & 4 bathrooms with a large living & dining room. The building is 2,534 square feet on a lot size of 17,000 square feet. The seller has a contract with Golden Gate Regional Center for up to 6 clients. The facility receives $7,000 for shared & $8,500 for private.

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Mill Valley $7M – ID#0050522

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