An associate firm is pleased to introduce this very well-established and well-run Senior Living opportunity. There are over 50 beds. It has had the same owner for decades. They have received many awards for recognition of their commitment to a quality of life and care for their residents. The staff is long-tenured and has a team that can lead any new owner where they want to go. This Senior Living opportunity has had an impeccable Covid 19 record. The property and business are for sale. The current owner has family commitments that will not allow them continued ownership. The property is park-like and gives the buyer an opportunity to expand very easily. The property is measured in acres. There are two current buildings on the site with room to build several more. There are offices, living quarters, kitchen, and dining space. The outdoor area is a park-like and really great addition to the living quarters. This home can be expanded to different levels of residents. This can be done with the current structure or can be added to with new facilities to house the private higher-paying residents. The current owner will transition professionally as needed to create a seamless handoff.
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Connecticut – well-established and well-run Senior Living opportunity

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