An associate firm is pleased to introduce a healthcare licensed Assisted Living Center. This property is currently licensed for 35 bed assisted living center. This residential Senior Assisted Living facility is located in the north end of Kingman, Arizona. The facility is 8,306 square feet and sits on 25,264 square feet of land and provides ample parking for employees and visitors. There is also 2 storage sheds for seasonal items, secondary supplies, and excess land for building expansion or parking. In addition to the 20 resident rooms (35 Beds), the property also consists of a large administration office, a commercial kitchen with dry storage and dishwashing area, central dining / multi-purpose room, Laundry Room with multiple washers and dryers, large Living Room area with comfortable seating, large nurses station with counter tops and cabinets, medical closet, outdoor courtyard and covered patio area.
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Arizona – north end of Kingman, Arizona.

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